Koollife Foundation for GoGreen

Koollife Foundation cares about the future of our planet, our main focus is to build the mind for One Nation, One People, and One Tribe One World. Where peace will reign together with the alien

Koollife Animal Shelter

Koollife Foundation cares about the animal, we save animal from abuse for transportation. We feed them on the street and we provide clean water. And give them medical treatment.

Koollife Orphans Project

Koollife Foundation is to assist Africa children and their families in poverty and Poor health Critical Condition. Although we don’t have shelter for children now
Koollife Foundation desire to expand our reach and touch more lives through our Orphans Program.
The mission of our Orphans vision is to provide financial services and other supportive services to Orphans and vulnerable children to enable them to acquire functional education for a better, more productive future.


Koollife Emergency Relief

The Koollife Mission for disaster rescue, we respond to any emergencies that can cause life. We work with the local governments to determine issues and critical health.