Our Green Mission Our Animal Mission Our Chilren Mission

Koollife Foundation cares about the animal, we save animal from abuse for transportation. We feed them on the street and we provide clean water. And give them medical treatment

Koollife Animal Shelter Our main focus is to Saves friendly Animal from abuse. Although we are looking to a point where everybody on earth stop eating animal. If that is going to be possible we have achieve our aim. But presently we are looking into street animal, who are suffering from home and food.

Nowadays there is a lot of information about how animals get slaughtered. The cruelty of it should make every human on this planet shed tears, break their heart and swear forever never to harm any animal on this planet and never ever to touch meat again. If they all saw that, they would know that this is no way to treat another being. We call animals barbarous. We look down upon animals, but many of them don’t eat us. They don’t harm us; they live in harmony with us and many even help us. For instance, if you are in the sea and in danger, the dolphin or the whales will help you and bring you to safety. And dogs even rescue strangers if they see them. So how can we say animals don’t have intelligence? Some humans wouldn’t dare to risk their lives to rescue our fellow beings. But dogs, even untrained dogs, they do it, even for strangers.

Recently, there was a dog who rescued a boy who was drowning, and the boy was a stranger to him. The dog had not been trained to rescue like that, but the boy was drowning and crying for help, and the dog just jumped right in, let the boy grab and hang on to him, and then swam into the shore. Who taught him that? And even if he was taught, he’s smaller than a human being; how would he risk his life like that? And that’s just one of the instances.

There was another dog called Shana. He dragged two elderly people back home with him. One he dragged on his back, and the husband was holding on to the wife’s leg. He dragged both of them through a tunnel to go home, under the trees and under the snow. I’m awarding him a hero jacket! I designed a special one for Shana – the Shana hero jacket! (Applause) And the other dog called Zion – he also got a hero jacket with his name on it. It’s special, because I want to honor them. I want the whole world to know that animals are really real beings with hearts and blood and brains, intelligence, love and compassion, some of them even more than many of us! I want the whole world to know that animals are to be revered, or at least to be befriended, not to be killed or harassed.