Our Green Mission Our Animal Mission Our Chilren Mission

Koollife Foundation cares about the future of our planet, our main focus is to build the mind for One Nation, One People, and One Tribe One World. Where peace will reign together with the alien

Our main focus on Green, we want to encourage everybody to have a garden at home. We want everybody to stop polluting the air, this is a common factor in Africa, and we want every Africa to give respect to the environment. We encourage Africa to stop importing foods that can be planted in Africa soil. We advise Africa to stop eating container foods

Over the years it has become increasingly difficult for the more than 180 million Africans whose livelihood depends on agriculture, to make a sustainable income. Overcome by their extreme economic pressures, many take drastic steps to end their suffering. Reports suggest that, burdened by the debts of unsustainable farming, thousands have committed suicide out of sheer desperation over the years.

We believe that the root of their problems can be traced back to the 'Green Revolution' of the mid-70's which resulted in the introduction of new, exotic seed varieties. Lured by the possibilities of better yields higher and incomes that these seeds promised, many marginal and small scale farmers chose to cultivate them over indigenous seed varieties. Easily susceptible to pests and diseases, the new varieties needed extensive inputs, such as chemical fertilizers, pesticides etc. in order to produce the promised high yields. The already impoverished farmer then had to invest in these inputs, availing loans in order meet his expenses. Stuck in an unsustainable cycle of agriculture, with a debt that becomes increasingly difficult to pay off, many farmers face the harsh reality of poverty. Ironically, despite cultivating crops in their farms, their families face malnutrition and hunger.